Mission statement: Provide the world’s most vulnerable people groups’ solutions to water related problems by identifying and addressing needs through technological, educational and relational means.

Todd and Marcia Baldridge, Directors

After working in the Oil Industry as a commercial diver for 10 years, Todd and his wife, Marcia, an RN, returned to their roots to raise their children in Iowa. They both are passionate about reaching out to the millions of people in the world thirsting for a sip of clean water right now, today! Water Our Thirsty World co-founders, they consider it a privilege to serve as organizational directors. Over the past 10 years they have had the honor of witnessing thousands of lives forever changed, simply by providing people a means to treat unsafe drinking water. They consider bringing water to a thirsty world not only a worthwhile mission but one everyone can play a part in and no part is too small. For more information, please contact us at waterthirstyworld@gmail.com

Ralph and Gale Johnson, Board Members

Ralph and Gale live in New London Iowa. Ralph now works part time for the Iowa Telecom (Windstream) after putting in 27 years of service. Gale has worked over 20 years in the Direct Mail business, handling many non profit clients in raising funds to impact those they serve. They have 3 children and 2 treasured grandchildren that live nearby, allowing them to be active in their lives.

Bob Miller - Board Chair

Bob retired from Healthcare Administration for the second time in 2009. He continues to own and operate a Healthcare Management consulting firm. During his career he has founded several corporations, LLC’s and not for profits. He currently does the financial and tax management for eight different entities. Bob is very active in Natural Resources and Conservation and owns and manages over 2,000 acres of Iowa farm land. He is an avid hunter both locally and abroad. In 2010 he completed his 15th trip to Africa where he has done mission work, hospital consulting and hunted with family and friends.

Buster Vincent, Board Member

Walter “Buster” along with his wife Alisha, reside in Mitchell, South Dakota. Buster owns and operates a successful auto sales business. The couple has three children, ages 13, 11, and 7. Buster’s family has a personal connection to the devastation that water related diseases can cause and is proud to be part of an organization dedicated to ensuring that every child has access to safe drinking water.

John Mikolaj, Engineer and Certified Water Specialist

WOTW Field Engineer, John Mikolaj and his wife, Vi, hail from Geneva, Ohio. John has worked extensively over the past few years, training local community leaders in VietNam and Nepal, in the operation and application of water treatment devices. John is qualified by the Water Quality Association, having passed a lengthy exam process and obtaining a CWS-1 professional certification. A nuclear engineer by profession, John possesses a knowledge base and expertise, enabling him to customize systems used to treat potable water in regions where we work. We are thankful to utilize him as a field engineer during his extended trips overseas. John is passionate about helping people and continues to work with systems WOTW places throughout the world, ensuring that they are providing the best drinking water treatment possible.