Water Our Thirsty World provides customized water solutions to those thirsting around the world. Solutions we offer may include a hand held chlorine device, the installation of a borehole well, a filtration system or a water tank, a pump system, etc. Organizational directors and our Internationally Certified Water expert, personally survey water needs in regions we serve and then work alongside in country partners to best meet the specific water needs.

WOTW has funded 132 borehole wells in India with our in country partners. These wells provide safe drinking water to the villagers, decreasing water borne illnesses, deaths and increasing productivity. Additionally, more than 250 water treatment devices were deployed and placed in villages able to treat potable water making it safe to drink.
Infinity Scarves
Along with each well a water treatment system is provided. WOTW also has a partnership with a rescue sewing center that produces beautiful infinity scarves from Indian sarees then offered here in the states for a minimum $6 donation. More than 2000 scarves have been selected since November 2014, supporting the center and water projects.
120 water units are in country and overseen by internationally certified water engineer John Mikolaj who makes annual trips to oversee and trouble shoot the systems.
Pictured here, an underground spring catchment system placed in rural Rwanda providing a safer water source to surrounding communities.

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